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This service covers all tasks that are performed on the server according to a report of damage, malfunction or just preventative.

Web Traffic

All incoming web traffic and all information that could be leaking to the outside from the internal LAN is analyzed.

Security [IN]

Implementation of strategies for computer security and communication for the promotion of products and services our customers.

Our Services

Our services in this area include security solutions to prevent theft of information, including firewalls and IPS, by designing and implementing a security infrastructure to protect information and ensure logical protection of servers and applications. We have experience in design, implementation and installation of various security technologies, covering different elements linked to physical security and logical security.

Pentest / Ethical Hacking

Pentesting and analysis of vulnerabilities Network Lan, websites and end user


Installation, Maintenance and configuration of servers in your internal LAN.

Web Desing

Developing web sites and applications that allow customers to systematize their operating processes.

Structured Cabling

Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Management in structured cabling and sites.

Security Cameras

Installation and maintenance of security cameras in high resolution

Analytic DataBase

Database Development GUI

Develop Software

Development of custom applications that are easy to use

Training Ethical Hacking

Teaching ethical hacking course certificate
  • "Any act that influences a person to take an action that may or may not be in their best interest."
  • "How importat is your information?...
    The Art of human Hacking."

Why Choose Us

Reliable Hardware

Confidence in the use of safe high quality hardware requiring any services needed for use.

Delivery Times

Delivery times into consideration the competition are the best with shorter repayment by warranty.

Technical Experts

Technical experts in the handling of computer equipment, software and hardware.

24/7 Customer Care

Total customer care guaranteed in any service contract with us.

Recognized Quality

Our team with our tools are certified to improve the quality of your satisfaction.

Great Prices

Being on the standards in prices of the most common services offer the best price in relation to service.


We are experts in the performance of infrastructure and information security.
Years of experience allow us to offer not only a technological solution at the highest level, but also the comfort and confidence that comes with experience.

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RaptorHacking.Inc is a company dedicated to developing services and world-class products in the areas of Security,
Continuous Monitoring, Technical Support and Software Development.

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